At Century Bathrooms & Kitchens we specialize in building Barrier Free Showers, also commonly referred to as curb-less showers. Our Barrier Free Showers embrace the concept of “Universal Design”, which is based on the philosophy that the design should be attractive and easily accessible to all individuals, at any stage of life.

The Barrier Free Shower’s unique design enables your shower to function with or without a shower door and eliminates the need for a barrier (shower curb), which allows the shower floor to be flush with your adjourning bathroom floor. These unique design elements of a curb-less design, not only creates a safe and functional space, but also serves as an aesthetically pleasing design element that opens up your bathroom, creating a much more spacious vibe.

Customers commonly ask us, “how does the water stay in the shower?” or “doesn’t the water come out?” Luckily our answer is a resounding “no”, and we chuckle as our customers give us a puzzled look.  And the next question is the obvious one. “So how do you do it? How do you keep the water from coming out?” Another puzzled look from our customers and we grin confidently, ready to explain how it is done.

When we build our barrier free showers, we use special building materials specifically designed to replace the subfloor under the shower to create a barrier free design. First, we cut out the part of your subfloor that makes up the floor of the shower. We then replace it with a very strong, load bearing, structural glass reinforced pre-sloped (1/4″ per foot) substrate, which allows the shower floor to be essentially at the same level as your sub floor. The prebuilt slope allows the water to drain quickly and efficiently, when you are taking a shower. This sloped substrate is the key ingredient in preventing the water from coming out onto your bathroom floor. Once this substrate is installed, it is then water-proofed and tiled.

The Barrier Free design has become increasingly popular and currently 80% of our showers we remodel are Barrier Free! This simple, elegant and functional design has proven its universal success, wowing our customers time and time again. We are confident that you will love our Barrier Free Showers as much as we do, and we are proud to bring this design to life, positively impacting all people at all stages of life!

Barrier Free Showers without a Shower Door